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More CoQ10 Success

Customers’ CoQ-10 success stories continue to roll in.  A partial list includes eliminating angina pain, stabilized heart rhythms, increased energy, and life altering improvements in severe cases of congestive heart failure.

This month’s testimony is from Gene from Grants Pass.  Gene’s history includes a triple bypass in 1986 and massive coronary in 1997.  Gene’s cardiologist suggested that his wife Helen “keep her fingers crossed” because the prognosis was so dire.  Being more proactive than that however, Helen went to Sunshine and discovered CoQ-10.

Gene began taking CoQ-10, and for the first time in 15 years his hands and feet were pink and warm.  His energy returned and just last year he painted the exterior of his house.

Helen has no heart problems, but after witnessing Gene’s improvement, she now takes a maintenance dose herself.

It seems like CoQ-10 and crossed fingers can do wonders for an 82-year old.

Product Used:

Now Brand CoQ-10 with Hawthorne – 100mg twice daily