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Allergy Relief Is Here, No Need To Suffer

  Allergy Relief Is Here, No Need To Suffer

Allergic responses occur when our bodies try to burn off, break down and cleanse foreign proteins from the blood by firing up the immune system and sending histamines. The proteins can be from pollens, animal dander, yeasts molds etc. Water and other fluids are then dispatched like the fire department to extinguish the blaze. Hence the burning, itchy, watery eyes and sinuses. Sunshine recommends 3 products to address these problems.

 Now Brand Respir-All has been a clear winner with Sunshine customers for over a decade providing fast relief for a broad range of allergy symptoms. Many report it’s far more effective than their prescriptions and won’t cause drowsiness. Respir-All is a comprehensive formula that includes quercitin and nettle, two great natural antihistamines and usually begins to work in 20-30 minutes.

 AllerFree from Pure Essence provides a specially formulated enzyme blend to cleanse the blood of extraneous proteins to prevent the need for an immune system reaction in the first place. It also helps curtail an allergic reaction in progress.

 Sabadil Allergy from Boiron Labs is a homeopathic blend that provides fast relief for upper respiratory allergy symptoms. Like all homeopathics Sabadil is exceptionally safe. Homeopathic medicines are therapeutically active micro-doses of mineral, botanical and biological substances.

 All Three Are Effective, Safe And Surprisingly Fast Acting. Try the one that sounds best to you or call Rob for his suggestion.

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