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CoQ10 Saves Another Heart

Formerly bedridden retired lady is now active and well!

After a history of declining heart health including valve and fibrillation problem, around Christmas of 2003 Barbara’s heart problem was diagnosed as serious congestive heart failure.  Her heart was twice normal size and pumping only 29% of normal volume.  A pacemaker helped some but she was still virtually bedridden.  Barbara tried prescription drugs but unlivable side effects forced her to quickly discontinue their use.

She then went to Sunshine and started using a super absorbable form of CoQ10 called Q-Absorb along with Hawthorn Berry Extract.  Barbara started feeling better almost immediately.  Two months later after analyzing test results the doctor said her heart look great and that she should come back in a year.

Products Used:

Q-Absorb CoQ10 from Jarrow – 100mg

Hawthorn Berry Extract from Solaray – 3 capsules daily


Internationally, there have been at least nine placebo controlled studies on the treatment of heart disease with CoQ10: two in Japan, two in the United States, two in Italy, two in Germany, and one in Sweden.  All nine of these studies have confirmed the effectiveness of CoQ10 as well as its remarkable safety.  There have been eight international symposia on the biomedical and clinical aspects of CoQ10.  These symposia comprised over 3,000 papers presented by approximately 200 different physicians and scientists from 18 countries.


The majority of the clinical studies concerned the treatment of heart disease and were remarkably consistent in their conclusions – that treatment with CoQ10 significantly improved heart muscle function while producing no adverse effects or drug interactions.