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Dear, Sunshine… From Aretta S

Dear Rob,


In 1987 (at the age of 47) my health went into a serious decline.  Ever-worsening elements led to my giving up trying to maintain employment (my only means of support) seven years later.  By this time, I’d received a definitive diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus and peripheral neuropathy.  Subsequent diagnosis; added fibromyalgia, connective tissue disorders, and a compressed disk to other problems challenging me – with significant symptoms, at significant numbers!


Research of puzzling illnesses made me aware that serious prescriptions were a standard means of “treating” this array of illnesses.  Religious persuasions weren’t the basis of my objections to going the route(s) doctors insisted were necessary.  Rather, my life-long interest in Naturopathic Medicine inspired me to take responsibility.


Doctors aren’t keen on monitoring a willfully determined patient such as I (individuals deeming it annoying how prescriptions drug-pushers assault our senses in every form and from every angle), still, I located a couple of general practitioners who have treated me with due regard.


Throughout years past, I utilized some basic prescription medications (a few times, the more serious forms – for limited periods – as I deemed stood necessary).  Most importantly: I’ve utilized a very wide range of herbal remedies and health supplements.


Given my far-reaching problems, educating myself has been an extensive process.  I’ve tried countless natural products, in countless combinations, within determined alternative practices – keeping faith that I could achieve a stage of wellness more life-enhancing through natural means than any offered by standard medicine.


While I’ve remained diligent, I’ve had to allow that factors of aging (these 19 years down the line) may prove detrimental to overall chances.  Reminding myself to “Stay realistic about my goals” gauged only that a miracle was unlikely – as I kept on “tweaking” my program.


Throughout the past seven years you’ve aided my goals in ways deserving both recognition and my heartfelt gratitude –

·         Your knowledge and interest has provided me very beneficial advisories.

·         Your willingness and prompt follow through (at shipping to me in Colorado, then in Texas) kept me supplied with specific maintenance products, rated very important.

·         Your dedication to keeping health care products as reasonably low-priced as good business will allow has helped my purchases within reach for a fixed income.


October, 2006:  Just how important your assistance and standards have been for me stands highlighted within my current (on-going this past year) “wonderful sense” of remission of illness.  This, on so many levels, I feel “blown away” at being able to address them all!  Thanks, Rob!




Aretta S