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Doctor Says: Man Lucky to Save His Legs

A 44 year old truck driver with blood clots from his groin to ankles is pain free and back to work.

David T was a healthy 44 year old truck driver from Grants Pass.  His work schedule dictated that he sit 8-10 hours daily.  After years of this schedule his legs began to ache.

David visited the doctor and was told he had blood clots from his groin to his ankles.  The doctor gave him a prescription for warfarin (Coumadin) to thin his blood.  David began to bleed excessively so he immediately discontinued its use.

He then heard about and enzyme extracted form the Japanese fermented soy cheese Natto.  Unlike Coumadin which merely helps thin blood flow around clots, Nattokinase enzyme is a healthy way to break down Fibrin, clearing vessels, thereby increasing blood flow.  Nattokinase enzyme can actually help to prevent and dissolve blood clots.

David went to Sunshine and was shown a formula rich in Nattokinase called Rutozym.  In addition to Nattokinase, Rutozym contains herbs that help to reduce inflammation and that help make blood vessels stronger and more elastic.  David began taking Rutozym and in days the aching subsided and he was back to work.  His doctor says he was lucky not to lose his legs.

Sunshine sells isolated Nattokinase from Source Naturals as well as Nattokinase with a synergistic blend of herbs called Rutozym.

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