Sunshine Natural Food & Grocery | Grants Pass, OR

Exceptional New Products


Now the top selling product as Sunshine.  More oxygen, more energy, and pain relief and some of the reasons.  When used with original Cellfood, their latest product, CELLFOOD DNA-RNA appears to be a superlative anti-aging formula working at the DNA level to protect, repair and regenerate healthy cells.

XLEAR Nasal Spray with Xylitol

Over 90% of ear, sinus, and bronchial infections start in the nose.  Xlear helps wash away harmful bacteria and pollutants.  Xlear has been shown to decrease ear and sinus infections in children and adults.

Living Multi Calcium

A complete calcium and trace mineral supplement in an enzymatically activated body ready form for superior absorption.

Home Cholesterol Test

Results in twelve minutes.  Requires only one or two drops of blood.  Accurate as lab tests.

Solid Gold Pet Foods

In just three months, Solid Gold sales have topped 1,000 pounds per month at Sunshine.  Unlike popular mass market brands, Solid Gold uses meats, grains, oils, and herbs suitable for human consumption.  Pets love the taste.  Pet owners love healthy pets.