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Finally, the Truth About Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is synthesized by the skin in humans brave enough to expose themselves to direct sunlight.  The medical establishment has everyone so terrified about exposing our bodies to sunlight that a huge percentage of us are now actually deficient in Vitamin D.

In addition to vitamin D being crucial for calcium absorption to make healthy bones it has also been linked conclusively to inflammation reduction, cardiovascular health and cancer prevention as well.

Respected medical journals have documented that decreased exposure to sunlight and the corresponding reductions in blood levels of vitamin D are probably responsible for many cases of high blood pressure an cardiovascular problems.  In addition many types of cancer and inflammatory responses in the body are now thought to be attributable to low levels of vitamin D.

For years the recommended daily dose of vitamin D was set at 400 IU.  This is probably sufficient to prevent cases of rickets but no where near enough to promote optimum health!

Finally doctors and medical journals are starting to acknowledge that exposure to sunlight and the resulting increases in our body’s vitamin D production can have dramatic and positive effects on our health.  In climates such as ours where there is limited sunlight part of the year, or for those people who still feel the need to avoid direct sunlight, supplementing with 1,000 to 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day is now being advised by many up-to-date, well informed medical professionals.

Sunshine carries Vitamin D3 Liquid and Capsules in 3 different potencies.  Many people report feeling noticeably better after supplementing with vitamin D.