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More on CoQ-10

Customer CoQ-10 success stories are too numerous to list.  They include:  eliminating angina pain, lowering blood pressure, stabilizing heart rhythms, and increase energy just to name a few.

One study in which 80 patients with cardiomyopathy received 100 mg of CoQ-10 daily for 12 weeks showed a significant increase in the amount of blood pumped by their hearts.  CoQ-10 also reduced shortness of breath and increased muscle strength in 89% of patients.  These improvements lasted as long as they remained on CoQ-10.

Another study, where patients with severe cardiomyopathy were given 100mg CoQ-10 daily showed improvement in 82% of the cases.  In fact, the 2 year survival rate for these patients was 62% vs. 25% for similar patients treated by conventional drugs.  In short, 2 ½ times as many patients on drugs might still be alive after 2 years had they chosen Co-10 instead of drugs.