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Proven Weight Loss

Amino Sculpt is the only night time collagen formula with U.S. Patents for weight loss.  It is the original formula used by over 3,800 hospitals, physicians, and clinics for the past 30 years.  Amino Sculpt is stimulant free and completely safe.

It is estimated that we lose 4% of our lean muscle mass every decade after 30 and that one pound of muscle burns 40 calories per day.  Amino Sculpt is ultra-absorbable collagen protein that has been predigested by plant enzymes.  It helps to reduce body fat by increasing lean muscle mass.

The most common “side effects” Sunshine customers report are better sleep, better hair, nails, and skin, and improved joint function.

The collagen content of Amino Sculpt has been increased 60%.  It is now even more effective with no increase in price.  A money saving quart size is also available.