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Tai-Chi or Chi-Gung? Which is Right for You?

Increase Energy, Reduce Stress, and Relieve Pain with the Gentle Flowing Movements of Tai-Chi or Chi-Gung


I suffered from work related back pain everyday for eight years.  After six weeks of practicing Tai-Chi with Rob, the pain was gone for good. – Dave B, Williams


Due to job related stress my blood pressure had become dangerously high.  After only two days of Chi-Gung breathing it came down to the safe range.  Thanks so much, Rob!  — Sharon A, Grants Pass


Before learning Chi-Gung with Rob, my neck hurt, snapped, crackled, and popped when turning my head from side to side.  Now, no pain and no Rice Cripsies.  I’m much more relaxed and I have more energy! – Mike M, Ashland


Tai-Chi and Chi-Gung are similar yet different.  To find out which would be best for you, call Rob for advice.