Sunshine Natural Food & Grocery | Grants Pass, OR

Tell Us How We’re Doing – Denise D

What is your overall feeling about Sunshine?


It rocks!  Rob should have his own TV show, called “Dr. Rob”!  Even though he is not a real doctor like “Dr. Phil” this man is a wealth of knowledge on what works in the human body.


Describe what your shopping experience made you the happiest.


The fact that I can go in anytime and know that either Kate or Rob are there to answer my questions.  This couple is better than researching the internet!  They always have the answers to my questions.  I love these two!!


Describe the most important benefits to you from shopping at Sunshine. 


What I have gained is knowing that they truly care about my health.  That they give me advice based on what’s best for me and not what lines their pockets.  Rob, Kate, and Sunshine Natural Foods are such an asset to the Grants Pass community!  I will always do business with them first, before I look anywhere else!