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The RDA & Other S.A.D Facts about the Standard American Diet

Fifty years ago the government came up with recommended daily allowance (RDA).  These are guidelines for minimum nutrients healthy adults need to prevent deficiency diseases like scurvy, rickets, etc.


Fifty years ago however most of the adults studied would have grown up on chemical free pure foods.  Their immune systems would not have been stressed by food additives, polluted air or water, radiation, and excessive prescription drugs.


Studies now show oranges, spinach and beef contain only a fraction of the important nutrients they contained five decades ago.  Our nutritional needs have now outpaced what our food supply can deliver.


One study showed that 400 mg or more pre day of Vitamin C cut heart related deaths in half.  The RDA for C is 60 mg.  Another study showed 400-800 iu of Vitamin E daily reduced heart disease 775.  The RDA for E is 10 iu.  In fact a European study showed low blood levels of E to be more predictive of heart disease than high cholesterol or high blood pressure.


ODA (Optimum daily allowances) are obviously quite different than the RDA.  Anyway you slice it – S.A.D,  Standard American Diet needs help.