Sunshine Natural Food & Grocery | Grants Pass, OR

How We Are Different

At Sunshine Natural Foods in Grants Pass the word organic is not just a sales pitch, but a way of life. 100% of the ingredients in our freshly made juices and smoothies are organic. In fact, you can’t find any non-organic produce at Sunshine. Whatever you order will be the highest quality available.

We actively support and distribute fresh produce and products from local organic farmers and artisan food suppliers. We also supply local farms with nearly 10,000 lbs/yr of organic vegetable scraps from our kitchen and juice bar to help regenerate healthy soil.

All of the produce and creative vegetarian salads on our salad bar are organic and delicious! Our choice of oil for daily cooking is organic extra-virgin olive oil. We use organic high-omega-3 eggs for our egg salad and top quality hormone-free sliced turkey. All of our sandwhiches are huge and bursting with organic veggies.  Most of our selections are vegan and one of our daily soups is always vegan. We have a wide selection of gluten-free options.

The organic hummus, salsa, sauerkraut and salad dressings are all made right here at Sunshine and will likely be among the best you’ve ever tasted. Our cookies, brownies, muffins and cakes are made from organic flour and are free of honey and white sugar. We use much more costly sweeteners like organic maple or agave syrup.

At Sunshine, organic is more than just a sales pitch, it’s a way of life.

What They’re Saying…

I’ve lived in Grants Pass 42 years and Sunshine is easily my favorite my favorite lunch in town. The salad bar has enough variety to always satisfy whatever tastes I’m looking for and the soups are the best I’ve ever had. Nothing out of a can here. Did I mention it’s organic? Rob and company really have it down.
–Walter H., Grants Pass


The salad bar had greens that were a fresh exciting blend or 3 or 4 lettuces and greens. The basil noodle salad was refreshing and the quinoa salad was great and unlike anything I had ever had before. My girlfiend had the organic egg salad sandwhich with avocado which was huge and had lots of fresh veggies too. She said it was very good. Most of the choices on the salad bar were vegan which suits me fine. We had a tall freshly squeezed Cool-as-a-Cuke juice combo. It had carrots, celery, cucumber and mint and was awesome on a hot day. The vegan chocolate chip brownies were worth stopping in Grants Pass for. Organic, delicious, fast and reasonably priced. We went back 2 more times during our stay in Grants Pass.
–Peter S., Sacramento, CA


For the last 10 years whenever my family has traveled down I-5 through Southern Oregon we have always made sure we stopped for lunch at Sunshine Natural Foods in Grants Pass. Its not always easy to find tasty organic food when traveling. We’ve got 2 kids one of whom is vegan. We always eat organic and want it to taste good. We ate from the organic salad bar and split a couple of the oversize sandwiches. We had fresh juice, a smoothie a couple of desserts and some snacks for the road for under $40. We’ve paid a lot more for meals at fancy restaurants that weren’t nearly as good. I was having a bout of itchy allergy eyes at the time and the owner recommended an allergy formula from their vitamin section that stopped the itch before I was finished with lunch. Sunshine is on our list forever!
–Steven James and family, Seattle, WA