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Below is a list of articles published locally and nationally on a wide variety of health and lifestyle related subjects written by Rob. Click on the links to read the whole article.

  1. GMOs, Profits Over Health Is Monsanto’s Business Model

    Frankenfoods We Should Avoid

  2. Natural Vitamins & Supplements Are Superior

    Don’t Be Misled By Big-Pharma Controlled Junk Science 

  3. Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Tap Water

    Steps You Can Take To Ensure Your Drinking & Shower Water Is Safe

  4. Vaccines

    What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

  5. How To Build and Maintain Healthy Bones

    Important Steps You Can Take To Keep Your Bones Strong

  6. Avoiding The Nation’s #1 Killer

    This Is Going To Surprise You

  7. Relieving Stress, Preventing Adrenal Burnout

    Simple Steps You Can Take To Soothe Frazzled Nerves

  8. Healthy Alternatives To Antidepressants

    Supplements, Diet, Exercise and Sunlight Are Proven To Improve Mood

  9. Why You Should Buy Sunscreen At Health Food Stores

    The Facts About Chemical Sunscreens and Skin Cancer

  10. Organic Farming And Gardening Is The Only Smart Choice

    Healthy, Strong Crops Lead To Healthy Strong People

  11. The Most Important Part Of Your Immune System Is Your Brain

    Becoming Your Own Expert & Making Smart Decisions Will Keep You Healthy

  12. Healthy Pets Help Make Happy Families

    What To Feed Your Pets To Keep Them Healthy

  13. Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous

    Know The Facts Your Doctor Wont Tell You

  14. Being Born Is Big Business

    How To Increase Safety & Lower The Cost Of Giving Birth

  15. Who’s Feeding The Kids?

    Homemade Formula To Help Supplement Breast Feeding

  16. Cancer Patients Have New Options

    Integrative Medicine Opens Many Doors

  17. The Truth About Saturated Fats

    Actually, They’re Very Good For You

  18. The Cure For An Over-Treated Society

    Drugs & Surgery Should Be Your Last Choices

  19. Staying Fit Without the Gym

    It’s Free and Fun

  20. Steps To Winning The Cold War

    How To Stay Healthy This Winter

  21. Further Study Of Prescription Antidepressants Is Needed Now

    Incomplete Science Can Be Bad For Our Health

  22. Keep Your Home Free Of Toxins

    Become An Indoor Environmentalist

  23. Healthy Alternatives For Treating High Blood Pressure

    Avoiding The Silent Killer

  24. The Truth About Non-Stick Cookware

    Don’t Be The Canary In Your Own Coal Mine…Danger Lurks

  25. Three Free Keys To Staying Healthy

    Balance, Common Sense and Laughter

  26. The Truth About Cell Phone Safety

    More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Brand

  27. Sleep Should Be Sound, Simple and Safe

    Keep Big Pharma Out Of The Bedroom and It Will Be

  28. COVID-19 – “Give It To Me Straight Doc”

    COVID-19 – “Give It To Me Straight Doc”