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Intergrative Medicine Gives Cancer Patients New Hope

 Integrative Medicine Treats Cancer Patients As Individuals

 At one time, all medicine was natural and tied to healing plants, natural cycles and close observation of the whole person. But as medicine that depends on expensive drugs and surgery took hold, age-old wisdom was forced into the background.

 Dr Robin Miller’s recent local newspaper article titled: A Few Simple Changes Can Reduce Your Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer, offered excellent, common sense, affordable advice on maintaining health and preventing breast cancer. Dr Miller wrote about the highly beneficial, roles that exercise, vitamin D, flaxseed, medicinal mushrooms and cruciferous vegetables can play in breast cancer prevention and treatment.

 Unfortunately, most cancer patients in our area will not commonly hear this advice from their own doctor. I know this, because their patients frequently come to our store confused, by the lack of serious common sense consideration many doctors afford to diet, nutrition and exercise.

 There are many more treatment options available than most cancer patients will ever hear about from their oncologist. Patients need to be proactive and do some research to make the most informed choices possible when selecting their treatment. The relatively new field of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE is giving patients dozens of effective options to treat what conventional toxic medicines, applied in conventional ways, have shown poor success rates for.

 Integrative Medicine recognizes that conventional and natural approaches can be used separately with success, but together, may often create better patient outcomes.

 In the past 35 years, I’ve seen virtually all cancer healing modalities work well and I’ve seen them all fail. That includes prayer, fasting, detoxification, special diets, vitamin therapy and chemotherapy. The question becomes: which one, or combination is best for your unique situation?.

 There are many effective cancer treatments that most oncologists were never exposed to in medical schools.

 One example is IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy). Insulin is used to condition cell membranes to allow much smaller doses of chemotherapy to target cancer cells. With IPT, the amount of chemotherapy needed is greatly reduced, resulting in far fewer side-effects caused by the extreme toxicity of the chemotherapy.

Another example is routinely used at Dr Stanislaw Burzinki’s clinic in Houston. It’s his customized gene therapies that are tightly targeted to each specific patient’s, specific cancer. Burzinski is very experienced and has treated over 15,000 cancer patients His medications attack a particular genetic feature, protein or enzyme, unique to the patient’s condition.

 Dr. Burzinski battled the FDA in court for over a decade, for the right to offer his options to cancer patients. The FDA monitors his claims and results very closely. Results from his clinic are quite good, especially considering that most often, patients seek his advice with advanced stage 3 or 4 cancers only after chemo and\or radiation that has failed

 According to Bruzinski, the problem with conventional oncology is that: “most oncologists work like robots. They give all of their patients the same treatment, but every patient is unique and has different needs. Oncologists have been trained to believe that radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery are the only ways to treat cancer. If they realized there is another universe out there consisting of treatments that work on the genes, they might want to do them, but most of them don’t even think much about these alternative treatments”.

 The National health care debate is dominated by financial concerns rather than health concerns. The drug companies are happy about the new health care legislation because their products will all be covered by the new health insurance laws. Drug companies will make billions.There is nothing in the new legislation that favors Integrative Medicine.

 Integrative Health practitioner Dr Nicholas Gonzales states: “There is so much collusion between government research institutions like the NCI (National Cancer Institute) and the drug companies. I know because I worked with the NCI for ten years and it’s like the Harvard business school for the drug industry!”

 Whatever cancer healing method a patient chooses, it is vitally important that, after doing their due-diligence, patients move forward with confidence that they’ve chosen the treatments that give them the best chance to regain their health.

 The best single resource I know of on this subject is a the 2011 book, “Defeat Cancer”, by Connie Strasheim. It contains over 400 pages of interviews with 15 highly regarded Integrative

Medicine providers who treat cancer and are dedicated to their patients, not to blindly following drug company created protocols.

 Rob Pell owns and operates Sunshine Natural Foods in Grants Pass, Oregon and has 35 years helping people with natural foods, products, exercise and healing. This article appeared in The Daily Courier .