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World’s Best Juicers

World’s Finest Juicers On Display Now At Sunshine

world's best juicers

Health Benefits of Juicing:

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to do something great for your body, consider the health benefits of juicing. Many of the benefits of juicing far exceed those of eating whole fruits and vegetables.

The body can quickly absorb larger amounts of nutrients from juices than solid foods because the main processes of digestion are bypassed. Another major benefit of juicing is that it’s an easy way to get beneficial enzymes. Enzymes are critical for converting foods into body tissues and energy and can increase metabolism. Consuming fresh raw juices is an excellent way to provide your body with increased amounts of disease fighting antioxidants in a delicious refreshing daily treat. Fresh raw juices are fast acting, health promoting, nutritional powerhouses! Read more about the benefits of juicing and using the right juicer.

A Premium Juicer Needs To Do 3 Things Well

  1. Puncture the cell wall of fruits and vegetables accessing fresh juices and enzymes.
  2. Thoroughly squeeze the fibers accessing even more juice and minerals.
  3. Perform the first 2 functions adding as little heat as possible in order to preserve enzymes.

Regardless of price all centrifugal juicers like Acme, Juiceman or Jack Lalane perform poorly on points two and three. A masticating juicer like Champion also struggles on points 2 and 3. In addition Champion juicers are very inefficient. The pulp is very wet so they require a lot more vegetables. Not surprisingly these designs are over 50 years old.

The Modern Era Of Juicing

In the mid 90’s juicing took a giant leap forward. An entirely new juicing technology came into prominence. This new design generated almost no heat, thereby preserving enzymes. It made more juice and created very dry pulp to save money on vegetables compared with earlier designs.

Most importantly, it did a superlative job on hard produce like carrots, beets and apples as well as wheatgrass and leafy greens. This level of versatility was unheard of. A separate special juicer had been needed for wheatgrass and greens.

The juicers Sunshine recommends incorporate all of these qualities: healthier juice, more yield & greater versatility. All are far quieter than earlier designs. Sunshine has all four on display. They are:

  1. Solo-Star 4 discount priced at $389*
  2. Omega Vertical 330 discount priced at $299*
  3. GreenStar 1000 discount priced at $399*
  4. GreenStar 5000 discount priced at $499*

 The Solo-Star 4 is an all new and upgraded version of Solostar 3. It is basically the same machine, but stronger and made with all BPA-free parts. Independent tests prove that it delivers up to 21% more juice than other brands of similar design . Solo-Star4 turns slowly, creating virtually no added heat to the juice, is inexpensive and has a 15 year warranty. Solo-Stars are proving to be especially good at juicing medicinal plants and other leafy greens. See demonstration.

Omega Verticle

Omega Verticle

The Omega Vertical 350 HD is a brand new model with some really major advantages. Its revolutionary upright design requires less counter space and it’s practically self feeding requiring very little downward force to push the veggies through. This is probably the easiest cleaning full-spectrum juicer. The auger is 8x harder than most other juicers and the whole machine is covered by a 10 year warranty. Juice from the Vert 350 is fantastic but contains just a little more pulp than the GreenStar model below.

greenstar juicers - world's best

GreenStar 1000

The GreenStar 1000 design changed juicing forever. Sunshine has sold this machine for 13 years and actually used one in our juice bar from         1997–1999 for commercial, heavy duty, daily, use. We then sold it as used to a customer who is still very happy with it . GreenStar 1000 & 5000 models feature stainless steel, twin gear, magnetized juicing mechanisms. As the juice flows through the magnetic field the water molecules are aligned to enable greater mineral extraction. In fact, an independent test demonstrated that juice made with a Greenstar contained 61% more minerals than juice from an old style centrifugal machine. The magnetized gears have also been shown to help the juice stay fresh longer. Greenstar twin gear machines probably produce the driest pulp and the most juice of any juicers on the market so you save money on vegetables as well. It will also make delicious sorbet from frozen fruit and is covered by a 5 year warranty.

GreenStar Elite Juicers - World's Best

GreenStar Elite 5000

The GreenStar 5000 retains all the incredible features of the 1000 model mentioned above. Amazingly, it has a slightly higher juice yield due to the vegetable crushing gears being enlarged and undergoing a patent pending redesign. Assembly, disassembly and cleaning have all been simplified and most people feel the sleek new housing is more aesthetically pleasing. The juicing parts are now dishwasher safe. Watch the best in action.

Since all 4 of our recommended juicers turn slowly and produce virtually no enzyme destroying heat, it’s safe to run the pulp through more than once for even greater juice extraction. This practice is not recommended for older designs.

complete book of juicingSunshine Carries And Recommends:
“The Complete Book Of Juicing” By Michael Murray.

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