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Weight Loss

Weightloss Success Stories

 Amazing Weightloss Success Stories From Sunshine Customers Could Easily Fill 20 Pages, Check Out These Six! Sunshine Customer Is Fired By His Doctor! At 415 lbs., 44 year old Grants Pass resident Randy Storstad was shocked the last time he visited his doctor. The doctor told him that if he didn’t lose weight, he would refuse to […]

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Lose Weight Quickly

THIS DIET PLAN HAS HELPED HUNDREDS OF SUNSHINE CUSTOMERS TO SAFELY LOSE WEIGHT FASTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE THEY HAD EVER TRIED. Sunshine Natural Foods has teamed with Dr. Shane Harada to present you with this outstanding diet program. It consists of the required dietary program and pure, natural under-the-tongue  Homeopathic liquid drops.  For decades this plan required physician administered […]

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Common HCG Side Effects

By Rob Pell  Sunshine Natural Foods offers the HCG diet plan by phone and internet all over the United States. However our primary business for the past 18 years has been from an actual retail storefront in Grants Pass, Oregon that has real, live people walking through the front door. Between our retail store and telephone sales […]

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Losing 75 Lbs With HCG

  WHAT TO DO IF YOU’VE BEEN ON HCG FOR 6 WEEKS AND STILL HAVE MORE WEIGHT TO LOSE?  Following the diet for 3 weeks and using either a one oz. bottle of the Slim or Plus formulas will typically result in 10-20 lbs. of weight loss. Using a two oz. bottle of either formula […]

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Losing Weight and Off Insulin

Sixty year old  Dana Hurd from Williams Oregon found herself 100 lbs overweight and dependent on daily use of insulin to control blood sugar. Fortunately, her Medford based physician recommended that Dana go to Sunshine Natural Foods to purchase and use the HCG drops and diet to try to bring her weight down.  The first […]

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For Optimum Weight, Avoid The Fake Sweeteners

We’ve all heard and read about amazing weight loss success stories. From losing a pound a day using the HCG protocol to lifestyle changing programs or calorie counting at Weight Watchers one thing is for sure: eliminating excess fat has a number of well documented benefits. The more overweight a person is, the more likely he or she is […]

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