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Sunshine Natural Foods has teamed with Dr. Shane Harada to present you with this outstanding diet program. It consists of the required dietary program and pure, natural under-the-tongue  Homeopathic liquid drops.  For decades this plan required physician administered injections costing $700 to $1500. Our diet program and homeopathic product line appear to be equally effective and, according to many of our customers, have even surpassed results from injections, at a fraction of the cost. It is made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients and manufactured in the U.S.

Dr Harada’s Wellness Center has successfully guided many hundreds of his personal patients to achieving weight loss of 20-75 lbs and more using this protocol. His patients have been able to attain a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle. At Sunshine we’ve seen many hundreds of our local customers have great success by carefully following this program. In fact, our customers are experiencing about a 90% success rate and greater than 4 out of 5 report that they’re not even hungry!  With your  purchase from Sunshine you will receive 16 pages of critical information to not only help you lose unwanted fat, but most importantly, to help you keep the weight off.

Some of the most important information in this packet is written on the pages titled: “How To Re-introduce Foods Properly After the Program”. Read these pages with special attention and very carefully. One of the biggest benefits of this program is the fact that upon completion when you’ve reached your desired weight, you may return to eating a normal, healthy diet.

The original protocol developed by Dr. Simeon has proven to be effective for all blood types. For those who know their blood type, we are able to take that one step further and even provides optimized diet suggestions for each of the different blood types. Those suggestions are available with our program.

One of the most surprising things we’ve heard at Sunshine is that greater than 4 out of 5 of our  customers have reported that they are not particularly hungry when on the 500 calorie diet combined with the drops. This is truly amazing!

Sunshine  package pricing includes 15 pages of written instructions on the diet and the protocol, the drops, tips for optimizing your success and email access to the doctor for personalized advice if needed.

 Plus—-Enhanced Formula

2 oz, a 6 week supply $62.98  

                       HCG Success Stories                                               Pricing and offers subject to change without notice.

The Enhanced Formula has the same dose as the Original plus some extra homeopathic ingredients that assists your body in flushing toxins. Toxins are often stored in fat tissue and when a lot of fat is liquified quickly toxins may be released causing your blood to temporarily become a little acidic. This can cause mild fatigue. The enhanced formula addresses that and also adds a slight boost to metabolism.

It is not necessary to take any other supplements for the program to be successful. However for optimum health, especially when dieting we do recommend using a high quality daily multivitamin. Vitamin Code multivitamins from Garden of Life are produced from 100% raw foods and are an excellent choice. They contain about 6 calories and 1 gram of carbohydrates per daily serving which should not change the effectiveness of the  program but will help insure you fulfill your nutritional needs.

What To Do If You’ve Been On The Diet Plan For 6 Weeks

And Still Have More Weight To Lose?

Following the diet for 3 weeks and using either a one oz. bottle of Slim or Plus formulas will typically result in 10-20 lbs of weight loss. Using a two oz. bottle of either formula for six weeks in conjunction with the diet usually results in a 25-45 lb reduction.

What do you do if your goal was to lose 65 or 70 lbs or more? At the conclusion of the first 6 weeks using the drops you must then discontinue using the drops for at least 6 weeks. Failure to do so may cause your body to develop a resistance or tolerance. If you don’t take a break after a 6 week course of use your body will likely become insensitive to its effects which means that it may never work for you again.

After following the protocol for 6 weeks you need to discontinue using the drops and begin the the recovery phase of the diet where you incrementally transition back to normal eating. These instructions are found in two of the final pages of our info pack. People often report losing an additional 1-3 lbs per week during this phase. You may even want to gradually begin a cardiovascular exercise program with all the extra energy you’re likely to now have! *

After being off the drops for a minimum of 6 weeks if you decide you would like to lose more weight. you may repeat the entire dietary program again from day one. Once again you would begin by taking the drops and eating rich and fatty foods to capacity for at least 2-3 days repeating the entire plan presented in our HCG info. pack for up to an additional 6 weeks if so desired. After that you would need to discontinue use of the drops for a minimum of 8 weeks before using them again. If needed the drops may be used again after a 10 week layoff and so on.

An excellent formula to use during the recovery phase when taking a break from the HCG drops is Dr. Harada’s Slim Support. The specific ingredients in this formula may assist in eliminating excess fat while balancing and toning the the glandular sysytem and other key tissues. This formula will may assist you in weight loss before, during and after you take the drops. It is also an effective plateau breaker if you stop losing while on the program.

Slim Support, 2 oz. $34.98

Order your drops with detailed instructions Slim Support or other related products online now Call and ask about our multiple bottle discounts when ordering 3 or more bottles of any one product.

*As with any exercise or diet plan, you should consult the advice of a qualified health care practioner.