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Impressive Cholesterol Reduction

A Real Sunshine Success Story

customerEvelyn Heinrichs of Grants Pass had high cholesterol. She was prescribed a cholesterol lowering statin drug by her endocrinologist. Evelyn doesn’t like taking prescription drugs because she’s committed to natural products and she’s concerned about the harmful side-effects prescription drugs often create. She’s a smart lady. Find out more about the dangers of artificial statin drugs, click here .

At Sunshine and she was shown an all natural formula called “CHOLESTEROL CONTROL.”

The results: SUCCESS IN JUST 10 WEEKS!

  • Total cholesterol down from 252 to 198.
  • Bad cholesterol down 25%
  • Triglyceridesdown 15%
  • Good cholesterol remained excellent!

“CHOLESTEROL CONTROL” Is Available In Grants Pass ONLY At Sunshine Natural Foods

cholesterol supportRob Pell, owner of Sunshine Natural Foods, working closely with the formulators at Better Health Products, developed the most effective natural cholesterol reducing product ever: “Cholesterol Control” is a safe, synergistic blend of six different proven cholesterol fighters in a convenient two-a-day formula. At Sunshine we’re seeing a success rate well over 90% with most customers reporting cholesterol reductions of 30-70 points in five to eight weeks.

Cholesterol Control contains the following:

  • RED YEAST RICE – is a is a naturally derived balanced statin that actually is a dietary staple in some Asian countries. UCLA School of Medicine conducted a placebo controlled double blind study that demonstrated 10-30% reductions in cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • CINNAMON EXTRACT Recent studies showed 7-27% reductions in LDL (bad) cholesterol, 23-30% reductions in triglycerides and 18-29% reductions in blood sugar.
  • NIACINhas been shown in large doses to to reduce LDL up to 25% in 16 weeks compared with 32% for prescription statins. Amazingly, it was shown to increase HDL (good) cholesterol up to 33% compared with only 6% for prescriptions.
  • Co-Q-10 –is required by all muscles to utilize oxygen to create energy. To a much smaller degree than artificial statins Red Yeast Rice may sometimes slightly diminish our body’s ability to manufacture C0-Q-10. This is why we added C0-Q-10 to this formula.
  • GINGER – was chosen for this formula because it reduces and prevents oxidation of LDL and helps to improve circulation.
  • MILK THISTLE – is probably the number one herb in the world to help protect and improve liver function. The liver is where the body manufactures and recycles cholesterol.