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Bone Buiding

reversing osteporosis

Reversing Osteoporosis Is Easy

Ruth Wagnell had a bone density scan several years ago. Her doctor told her she had osteopenia – a condition where bone mineral density is lower than normal. The following year her bone scan showed that the condition had worsened and the diagnoses was that Ruth now had osteoporosis. Her doctor recommended that she begin taking prescription Fosamax immediately.

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Building and Maintaining Healthy Bones

  HOW TO BUILD & MAINTAIN HEALTHY BONES Important Steps You Can Take To Keep Your Bones Strong By Rob Pell Everyoneknows that without strong, resilient healthy bones we humans would be be in sad shape. If you think about it, without bones we’d have no shape at all! In 2004 the Surgeon General issued […]

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Building Healthy Bones

Garden of Life Brings You A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Building Strong Healthy Bones!!! In 2004 the U.S. Surgeon General released a comprehensive and scary report on the state of bone health in America. It stated that if we don’t take very specific steps to regain bone health as much as half the population will be […]

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