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Losing 75 Lbs With HCG




 Following the diet for 3 weeks and using either a one oz. bottle of the Slim or Plus formulas will typically result in 10-20 lbs. of weight loss. Using a two oz. bottle of either formula for six weeks in conjunction with the diet usually results in a 25-45 lb. reduction.

What do you do if your goal was to lose 65 to 75 lbs. or more? At the conclusion of the first six weeks of using the HCG drops you must then discontinue using them for at least six weeks. Failure to do so may cause your body to develop a resistance or tolerance to HCG. If you don’t take a break after a 6 week course of use, your body will likely become insensitive to its effects which means that HCG may never work for you again.

After following the protocol for 6 weeks you need to discontinue using the HCGdrops and begin the recovery phase of the program where you incrementally transition back to normal eating. These instructions are found in two of the final pages of our info pack. People often report losing an additional 1-3 lbs per week during this phase. You may even want to gradually begin a cardiovascular exercise program with all the extra energy you now have! *

After being off the HCG drops for a minimum of 6 weeks if you decide you would like to lose more weight you may repeat the entire program from day one. Once again you would begin by taking the drops and eating rich and fatty foods to capacity for at least 2-3 days, repeating the entire plan presented in our HCG info. pack for up to 6 additional weeks if so desired. After that you would then need to discontinue use of the HCG drops for a minimum of 8 weeks before using them again. If needed the drops may then be used again after a 10 week layoff and so on.

An excellent formula to use during the recovery phase when taking a break from the HCG drops is Dr. Harada’s Slim Support. The specific ingredients in this formula assist in eliminating excess fat while balancing and toning the hypothalamus, thyroid and other key tissues. This formula will assist you in weight loss before, during or after you take the HCG drops. It is also an effective plateau breaker if you stop losing while on the program.

Slim Support, 1 oz. $34.98

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* As with any exercise or diet plan,  you should consult the advice of a qualified health care parctitioner.