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Losing Weight and Off Insulin

Sixty year old  Dana Hurd from Williams Oregon found herself 100 lbs overweight and dependent on daily use of insulin to control blood sugar. Fortunately, her Medford based physician recommended that Dana go to Sunshine Natural Foods to purchase and use the HCG drops and diet to try to bring her weight down.

 The first week Dana lost 9 lbs., her blood sugar normalized and she was able to discontinue her insulin use. After 2 weeks Dana had lost 24 lbs., had more energy and “was tickled to death” at how easy it was to lose weight using the HCG protocol. After her first 6-week round of HCG Dana lost 40 lbs. She is now taking the required 6-week break and plans to go for another 6-week round soon.

 Dana now has more energy, feels great and is losing about a pound a day. She said that the HCG diet was the easiest plan she’d ever tried and said that she’s “tried em all”.

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