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Lifelong Asthma Sufferer Receives Amazing Relief


Darlene Mavity, a Grants Pass real estate agent has suffered from asthma all her life. For years she used doctor’s prescriptions to reduce her asthma symptoms. While the medications provided some relief Darlene didn’t feel like she was breathing as freely and deeply as she would have liked.

A friend told Darlene to go to Sunshine and try Clearlungs from Ridgecrest Herbals.  Darlene says that Clearlungs allowed her to breath deeper the very first time she used it and in only 20 minutes she began “feeling” the air deeply and completely filling her lungs. Adding Clearlungs to what she was already doing has given Darlene a breath-of-fresh-air.

Product Used: Ridgecrest Herbal Clearlungs, Red Label.

Dose: Started with 2 twice daily and was able is reduce to 1 twice a day.

 Drugs work on symptoms and do little to restore the body to a natural healthy state. The ingredients in Clearlungs work on the causes of lung congestion by restoring and supporting normal lung function and metabolic activity through reducing fluids, aiding in tissue repair and controlling inflammation.

 Clearlungs Red Label was formulated for people who suffer from long term chronic respiratory issues. Sunshine customers who had been long time smokers and amazingly even some who still smoke have reported dramatic improvement in lung function from using Clearlungs.

 Maximum Strength Clearlungs Blue Label contains the same herbs as the Red label with proven additional homeopathic ingredients as well. Blue Label was formulated for acute respiratory congestion brought on by challenges to the immune system associated with colds and flus.  

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