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A Bug A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

  A Basic Understanding Of How Probiotics Help Keep Us Healthy

By Rob Pell

 In the last 150 years modern science provided two big breakthroughs in the field of human wellness. One was the concept of sanitary water and sewage treatment, i.e. segregating drinking water from sewage. The other was when doctors began washing their hands between patients. We should all be grateful for revelations that led to those advancements.

 When it comes to taking personal responsibility for our health we need to remember a number of basic facts that doctors seldom speak of. The most important part of our immune system is our skin. Obviously if we break our skin infection can result. The second most important part of our immune systems are the mucous membranes like the sinuses, bronchi and the stomach lining. The third most important part of the immune system are the beneficial bacteria that cover the mucous membranes along with the vast quantities of beneficial bacteria deeper in the gastrointestinal tract that also help to complete digestion. These systems all help prevent invading pathogens from ever reaching our bloodstream.

 Abundant beneficial bacteria are crucial for optimum health. We have all heard of people who take antibiotics and for months thereafter catch every bug that goes around. This occurs because the antibiotics indiscriminately kill all bacteria thereby disrupting an important part of our natural defenses. This problem can usually be averted by ingesting premium “Probiotics” to re-establish healthy bacteria during and especially following antibiotic use.

 In the prestigious European medical journal “The Lancet’” a study was published that conclusively linked the chronic use of doctor prescribed stomach antacids with increased incidence of pneumonia. Many doctors are perplexed by this finding. What they are missing is the understanding that the stomach acid is not only an integral ingredient for proper digestion but also an integral part of our immune system that prevents unwanted pathogens from entering the bloodstream through the stomach.

 If these 4 guardians: skin, mucous membranes, beneficial bacteria and stomach acid are performing as designed the bio-chemical aspects of our immune system present in the bloodstream don’t need to be intensively engaged .

 A regular regimen of supplementing with premium probiotics like PRIMAL DEFENSE ULTRA or ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE is one of the easiest ways to enhance your mucous membranes and intestines with disease fighting “friendly bacteria” They are two of the best probiotics money can buy and have helped re-establish wellness for hundreds of Sunshine customers.Once established in the gut these friendly bacteria help to fully digest and absorb the nutrients from our food.

In addition the 60 trillion beneficial bacteria present in a healthy gut also create a living shield that helps inhibit pathogens including E. coli, salmonella, unhealthy yeasts and other threats from penetrating the intestinal lining and reaching the bloodstream. The friendly bacteria also help manufacture essential nutrients like vitamins B-12, K-2 and many immune enhancing compounds.

 The people of every major culture on earth have had some kind of fermented food in their regular daily diet providing them with good bacteria and enzymes…all people except those in the modern American culture. In years past pickles, relishes and other condiments were natural, unpasteurized and actually provided beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Unfortunately virtually all commercially available pickles and condiments are highly processed and no longer provide any health benefits whatsoever.

 Sunshine Natural Foods offers many foods that are full of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and live enzymes. Organic raw unpasteurized sauerkraut is available by the pint and on our salad bar. The delicious soups prepared daily at Sunshine are usually seasoned with organic unpasteurized aged Japanese miso which makes them far healthier than anything you’ll find at virtually all of the other restaurants in town. The vinegar and other condiments Sunshine uses for seasoning and salad dressings are also organic raw and unpasteurized. Using these delicious foods along with supplemental probiotics as needed can go along way towards keeping us balanced and in optimum health.

 For over a decade SUNSHINE has insisted that our suppliers meet the following shipping requirements to help insure full potency when you purchase temperature sensitive probiotics from us.

 1) Manufacturers must ship us probiotics only on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

2) Sunshine will only accept probiotics that have been shipped on ice or overnight.

3) In addition, upon arrival at Sunshine probiotics are immediately refrigerated.

 These requirements are your guarantee that the PROBIOTICS purchased at SUNSHINE will contain all of the health promoting live beneficial bacteria you are paying for.

 Rob Pell owns and operates Sunshine Natural Foods in Grants Pass, Or.. He has 35 years experience with natural foods and products, exercise and healing.

 “The Doctor of the Future” will dispense no drugs, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and the cause and prevention of disease….Thomas Edison


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