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Ancient Wisdom Arrives in America

Chi is the Chinese word for energy or life force.  Gung is the word for technique or method.  Therefore Chi Gung is a method of developing or developing or enhancing one’s Chi through specific practice.

People with health concerns may use Chi Gung to increase energy, reduce stress, or relieve pain.  A martial artist might use Chi Gung for increasing speed, quickness, or power.  Newsweek cites clinical studies that prove Chi Gung can reduce blood pressure and improve circulation.  It is interesting to note, however, that Chi Gung can affect these changes by focusing on the vascular system rather than the heart itself.  Clinical studies have also shown Chi Gung effective for improving balance, very important for athletes and seniors alike.

Simply stated, Chi is to the human body what air is to a basketball.  Too little and we lose our ability to be resilient and bounce back, too much and we are out of control and bouncing off the walls.  We look for just the right balance.

In western culture most of our activities are primarily either yang (active, outward, masculine) or yin (soft, passive, inward, feminine) in nature.  We might go to a gym and pump up or watch a movie to relax.  Chi Gung in contrast, has both yin and yang characteristics that are quite naturally practiced simultaneously.  Therefore, the very moves we would use to energize when we feel tired, would bet eh same moves that help calm us when we are wound up.

In China, more than half of all Chi Gung practitioners do not begin until reaching age 60.  A good Chi Gung set should be reasonably simple and inherently balanced.  Recently in America, some insurance companies and HMOs have begun to recognize the health-promoting benefits of Chi Gung and have started including these arts in their recommended health maintenance modalities.

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