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Blocked Arteries Now Clean As A Whistle

80-Year Old Grants Pass Man who once had 95% Blockage of Coronary Arteries is now Clean as a Whistle

William H suffered a massive hart attack in July.  His cardiologist recently ran tests and observed that his heart was now perfectly clear and advised William to continue whatever he was doing.  What he was now doing was taking an oral chelation formula he purchased at Sunshine.  He believes that if he had begun using oral chelation earlier, he would never have needed bypass surgery.

His older brother John was recently tested and showed 45-55% blockage of his carotid arteries.  John began taking the same formula as his baby brother and in just 4 months his vessels were only 15-20% occluded.

Oral chelation using EDTA has been around since the 1940s.  It has been used and tested by hundreds of doctors.  In the 80s the Chief of Medicine at Long Beach Community Hospital observed that virtually all his patients treated with EDTA chelation showed significant cardiovascular improvement and increased cerebral blood flow.

Product Used: Cardio Chelate from MRM

Cardio Chelate is a synergistic blend of ingredients featuring EDTA that also includes powerful antioxidants that help support the liver during the detoxification process.

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