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CellFood Boosts Energy

Have you ever been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time? Ann C. from Grants Pass sure feels that way. She went to Sunshine Natural Foods for her monthly supply of vitamins and overheard Rob speaking about an amazing product called CellFood. CellFood is the #1 oxygen enhancing supplement in the world! Ann bought some and gave it a try.

Within days she felt more alive and energetic and no longer needs her afternoon nap. Ann told a friend about it who has been using a doctor prescribed oxygen mask for 15 years. Using CellFood her friend is feeling so much better she is now amazingly able to go without the mask for several hours at a time.

CellFood was created by a scientist Einstein called a genius. Its unique formulation aids in oxygen delivery, cleansing and purification. It’s safe, simple and economical.

CellFood is a proprietary ionic formula that contains 78 minerals, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids. It utilizes its unique water splitting technology to release oxygen and hydrogen into the body. CellFood’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds cleaning and tuning up all the body’s systems.

CellFood’s Exceptional Cellular Support

*** Increases energy levels without artificial stimulation

*** Enhances brain function alertness and concentration

*** Supports lung\breathing function

*** Safe oxygenation of cells

*** Strengthens the immune system

*** Free radical removal-a powerful antioxident

*** Provides electrolyte activity

*** Supports allergy relief

*** Sustains endurance and stamina

*** Helps remove lactic acid for better athletic performance.

*** 95-100% nutrient absorption

*** Increases absorption of all other nurients-saves money

*** Helps digestion ad metablolism

*** Promotes faster injury recovery

*** Plant based ingredients

*** Recommended for pets too!

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