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Flu Shot Alternative

Influenzinum 9C Flu Shot Alternative is basically a completely safe, homeopathic version of the flu shot.  Just like the flu shot it is re-formulated every year based on research done at the Pasteur Institute in France. Each year it targets 4 flu strains that are predicted to be the major threats for that year. After 10 years of European testing the homeopathic pills proved to be more effective and far safer than traditional flu shots. One under-the-tongue dose a week for 5 weeks was the way this product was tested and is the most effective way to use it. Sunshine only offers the 5 dose tube. One 5 dose tube per person, per year, is the recommended dose.  This is the 10th year Sunshine has distributed this amazing formula and 1000’s of our satisfied customers continue to demand it.  

 In European trials over a 10-year period, Influenzinum 9C proved 89-95% effective in preventing moderate to severe flu cases.

 Homeopathic remedies are generally considered non-toxic and classified by the FDA as GRAS, Generally Recognized As Safe.      Order online

A mild stuffy or runny nose are the only known possible side effects of our homeopathic alternative. 

Dr. Mercola is one of the most well respected naturally oriented physicians in the Country. He has had a profound effect on millions of people by being open minded and basing recommendations on fact-based answers to common questions.

In the following article Dr Mercola presents many points about traditional injected flu shots the average American will never be exposed to.  Link to article