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Fluoridation: A Threat to Our Health and the Safety of Our Drinking Water

Consider these 10 points:

  1.  In March 2006, The National Academy of Science issued a 450 page report that found the current EPA safe drinking water standard for fluoride (4ppm) is too high, unprotective of public health, and should be lowered.  The report linked fluoride exposure to bone fracture, joint pain, and disruption of the nervous and endocrine systems, including the brain (children’s IQ), thyroid, and pineal glands.
  2. In May 2006, Harvard’s peer reviewed journal, Cancer Causes and Control found a 500% increased risk of developing osteosarcoma in teenage boys who drank fluoridated water at ages 6,7, and 8.  The research, funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health studies, reinforces fluoride’s previous cancer findings in both animals and humans.
  3. In November 2006, The American Dental Association issued an alert stating that fluoridated water 9which increases the risk for fluorosis) should not be used to reconstitute infant formula, and should not be given to infants and children under 1-year old.  Fluorosis, (defined in Taber’s Medical Dictionary as “fluoride poisoning”) is a clear sign of toxic over exposure to fluoride.  Fluoride in drinking water is 250 times more than what occurs in mother’s milk.  The CDC now states: 1 in 3 American children now have fluorosis.  Fluoride exposure is out of control in this country!
  4. Fluoride is regulated as a contaminant by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Eleven U.S. EPA unions, representing over 7,000 professional employees, are calling for a nationwide moratorium on fluoridation and a congressional investigation of the policy.  The EPA unions site the accumulating scientific evidence of adverse health effects.
  5. Compounds used to fluoridate drinking water are recovered pollution from the phosphate fertilizer industry, and are contaminated with hazardous substances including lead, arsenic, and mercury.  These chemicals, hydrofluorosalic acid, sodium silicofluoride and sodium fluoride, if not dumped untreated into the water supply could only be disposed at a hazardous waste facility at the highest rate for toxic industrial waste.  Never disposed into the environment.
  6. Fluoride is a potent toxin, ranging between lead and arsenic in acute toxicity.
  7. The FDA has never approved, as safe and effective, any fluoride product intended for ingestion for the purpose of reducing tooth decay, including fluoride supplements for children.
  8. Like lead and arsenic, fluoride accumulates not just in a person’s body, but also in the environment.  Pacific Northwest studies show fluoride toxic to salmon at a low .2ppm.  Many rivers in Oregon are already close to fluoride’s critical threshold for toxicity.
  9. The CDC has acknowledged that fluoride works topically, not systemically.  Swallowing fluoride to prevent tooth decay has been likened to swallowing sun block to prevent sunburn.
  10. Europe is only 2% fluoridated, yet their decay rates are better than or comparable to ours.

Water is a necessity of Life!  Protect your health and the safety of your drinking water.  More fluoride information can be found at the Fluoride Action Network.