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Increase Energy with Chi Gung

  Increase Energy, Reduce Stress, Relieve PainThrough the Ancient Chinese Movement Art of Chi Gung

 Chi (pronounced chee) simply means energy, or life force. Gung means work or method. So, Chi Gung is the art (or method) of developing and efficiently using the energy within your body. Originally from China, tens of millions of people now practice different kinds of Chi Gung worldwide every day.

 This particular system is extremely safe, effective, fun and easy to learn. Inspired by the flexibility of a dragon and the power of a tiger, it’s called Dragon-Tiger Chi Gung. It consists of 7 invigorating yet calming, flowing movements that quickly give you a sense of your body’s energy. It releases stress and pain and helps develop increased flexibility by exercising all your joints, muscles and connective tissue. It’s similar to Tai Chi, but much easier to learn and remember.

 These movements can be learned regardless of age or physical ability. More than half the people in China doing Chi Gung begin after reaching age 60. Usually done standing up, this set can be done sitting down if disability dictates. Dragon -Tiger is especially well suited for people of all ages.

 Chi Gung can be practiced daily to improve health or enhancing performance in work and athletics. Additionally, the Dragon-Tiger exercises have been used in China for the effective treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

 Please Remember…… In Ancient China the Doctor Did Not Get Paid Unless the Patient Improved. Chi Gung Has Been Tested and Proven by Chinese Doctors For Centuries.

 What You Will Learn By Attending This Series

 1) The complete 7-move Dragon-Tiger Chi Gung set as taught by master BK Frantzis*

2) Deep abdominal breathing methods that can help to: improve circulation, dramatically reduce stress, improve digestion and normalize blood pressure.

3) Targeting and healing areas of past physical injury without risking further stain or discomfort

4) Introduction to basic Tai Chi exercises.

 Success Stories: I began practicing Chi Gung at age 81 with Rob. I was only able to practice 3 minutes, 3 times a day sitting down. After 7 months I could do 20 minutes standing up and was able discontinue all my medications”…. Loretta Norris, Grants Pass

 “I suffered from work related back pain every day for 8 years. After 6 weeks of practicing Chi Gung with Rob the pain was gone for good.”...Dave Barker, Williams

 “Due to job related stress, my blood pressure had become dangerously high. In only 2 days of Chi Gung breathing with Rob it was back down in the safe range”…..Sharon Abegg, Grants Pass.

 It’s Fun, Easy To Learn and With 5 or 10 Minutes of Daily Practice Can Help You Feel Great For the Rest of Your Life!

 The Dragon-Tiger Chi Gung Series Will Be Taught Over 8 Weeks Beginning April 6th

.Place: Sunshine Natural Foods Tel. 541 474 5044

Times: Wednesday evenings 6:15-7:15 beginning 4-6-11

Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30 beginning 4-9-11

Note: One new movement will be taught per week. You can learn by attending one class a week. You are invited and encouraged    to attend both classes at no additional charge

Cost: $90 for all 8 weeks. Early registration discount of $10 will apply if enrolled before April 3rd, discount price is $ $80.

 Enroll Today, Class Size is Limited. To Register By Phone Or For More Information Call Rob At Sunshine: 541 474 5044 days or 541 476 7578 eves.

 * Classes will be taught by Rob Pell. Rob was certified and encouraged by Dr. Frantzis to transmit this material. Rob has taught Chi Gung to several to hundred people in Grants Pass.