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Man Lowers Cholesterol 80 Points in 3 Months

Cholesterol…The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., killing half a million people annually. The incidence of heart disease climbs exponentially in middle age for both genders. Cholesterol is a major modifiable risk factor.

Cholesterol is a white waxy substance manufactured in the liver and also found in animal fats. It is not found in vegetarian foods. Cholesterol serves many vital functions in the body and we can’t live without it, so proper balance is the key.

HDL is the good and LDL is the bad cholesterol. HDL transports cholesterol to the liver for metabolism and excretion. LDL transports cholesterol to the tissues.

Research has shown that lowering LDL while raising HDL lowers your risk of heart disease. Scientists believe that for every 1% reduction in LDL heart attach risk falls 2%, and every 1% increase in HDL drops risk 3-4%. Eighty percent of our cholesterol is manufactured in the liver. Modifying diet alone is often not enough to significantly change your numbers.

Rob Pell, owner of Sunshine Natural Foods helped develop one of the most effective cholesterol formulae ever: CHOLESTEROL CONTROL. It is a synergistic blend of six scientifically proven, all natural cholesterol fighters in a convenient 2-a-day formula. Taking a moderate dose of different nutrients working together will usually avoid the ugly side effects associated with toxic single ingredient prescription drugs. The pharmaceutical companies know that statin drugs require CoQ-10 added for safety purposes. In fact, they own patents on their statins with CoQ-10 added but have never manufactured it, possibly because they don’t want to call attention to the inherent dangers of their products.  

John D from Grants Pass lowered his cholesterol substantially in three months, and from 265 to 183 in three months when using CHOLESTEROL CONTROL. He still ate most of his favorite foods! It’s a winner, sold with a full money back guarantee and at around $25 per month – a true bargain.

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