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Patented Bone-Strengthening Breakthrough

BONE STRENGTH TAKE CARE from New Chapter provides whole food, ocean harvested, bioavailable calcium with naturally occurring magnesium, trace minerals and vitamins K2 and D3.

Calcium must be completely dissolved to be absorbed.  The porous nature of the algaecal calcium in this product dramatically increases the surface area where the stomach acid contacts the calcium increasing absorption.  The bioavailability of the calcium in dairy products is a small fraction of that of the calcium in BONE STRENGTH TAKE CARE.

A preliminary analysis of postmenopausal women (50 & above) who completed their 6 month test of the study showed an annualized increase in bone density of over 2% per year instead of the predicted loss of 1%, suggesting an annualized net gain of 3% using the algaecal calcium.

BONE STRENGTH TAKE CARE may cost more than some other calcium supplements, but it is probably one f the best values in the vitamin industry due to its purity and high bioavailability.  This is especially true for people with serious concerns about osteopena and osteoporosis who want to do all they can to support bone health.

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