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Protect Your Family From Cell Phone Radiation

With “Cell Protect” from Miracle Balance.

Mobile phones could kill more people than smoking or asbestos, a recent study by an award winning cancer researcher concluded.  Electro-pollution is being called “the greatest health risk of the 21st century”.

MIT Study Links Cell Phones to Insomnia, Confusion, Headaches, and Depression. Scientists studying 70 people found that cell phone use before bed delays & shortens the deep stages of sleep that allow for rejuvenation & repair.  In children the study found that late night cell phone use can trigger depression, mood swings & ADHD like symptoms that impair academic performance. The scientific study was sponsored by the makers of cell phones and is considered to be the most comprehensive ever done.

CELL PROTECT’S Breakthrough Technology was Scientifically Engineered to protect you. Just peel & stick anywhere on your cell phone. 100% guaranteed.

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Fresh as Can Be

Fresh as Can Be