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Relief From Acid Reflux

Another Sunshine Success Story

Sharon Troy suffered from acid reflux for over 4 years. The burning and discomfort was so bad she would sometimes be awakened from a sound sleep. Doctors gave her double doses of the prescription medication Prilosic and, when that didn’t work, Nexium, which was also ineffective.

In addition, Sharon was concerned that long-term use of those drugs has been linked to increased chance of catching pneumonia.

She realized that her doctor’s advice wasn’t helping and that she’d have to solve this problem on her own. She tried apple cider vinegar, but found the liquid to be a little too strong. Sharon went to Sunshine and decided to try  Now Brand, Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules.

This has been, in Sharon’s words, “like a miracle”

She began taking 1 capsule a day before meals and is now down to taking one a day. Her reflux problem is now a thing of the past.