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Three Keys To Staying Healthy


 by Rob Pellkeys to health

 Health is the natural state for all living creatures. With the notable exception of modern man every living organism on the planet eats what grows in its immediate environment. This creates balance. Balance results in health, imbalance in disease. Wild animals and plants in a balanced natural setting seldom if ever get sick. When you really understand that there are three keys to staying healthy, then you are ready to become your own health expert.

It’s amazing that we humans think that it’s “normal” to catch a cold several times a year or come down with a flu every year. What does it really take to stay balanced and healthy? If you’re not sure if a health or diet practice makes sense, ask yourself this question: has this practice withstood the test of time? Not just 10 years or 20 years but has this practice or philosophy worked well for the past two or three hundred years or more? Is it natural, or is it a modern invention that’s marketed as the next great breakthrough? Far too often we see what was the “latest health breakthrough” from 10 years ago become a health nightmare 10 years from now.

BECOME YOUR OWN HEALTH EXPERT From watching TV, to time at the computer, to time at a job that often only exercises our hands and brains, many of us live pretty unnatural, sedentary lifestyles. What would it take to at least come closer to simulating a balanced healthy lifestyle? Let’s examine what it really takes to be in balance.

 Staying healthy and in balance requires using our bodies at least somewhat within the parameters of the way they were designed. Getting some regular moderate physical activity is very important. A simple half hour walk 3 or more days a week has a myriad of well documented physical and emotional health benefiyour own health expertts.

 No fancy spandex or expensive gym memberships needed for a simple simple walk, just a good pair of shoes and enough will power to put one foot in front of the other. It’s proven that walking regularly, especially in fresh air, is good for the heart, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar, improves mood, reduces stress, improves sleep, clears the mind and strengthens bones. If humans were given an owners manual at birth, regular walking would probably be included in the routine maintenance of every body system.

 Eating whole, unprocessed, organic foods is an important component to a healthy lifestyle. Ironically until the last one or two hundred years or so, it’s the only diet that was even available. If you have specific health challenges or if the foods you’ve been eating for decades have been grown in soil depleted from chemical laden industrial farming practices, a high quality food-based multivitamin and other supplements and are probably smart options as well.

 Drink enough water to keep from ever being thirsty. While obvious in summer, during the winter the fact that wood or forced-air heat can be very drying needs to be considered. Drinking non-chlorinated water is also very important. People drinking their own well water are usually all set. Chlorine is a necessary evil for municipalities to supply microbe-free water to our homes. However filtering out the chlorine before use is the only practice that makes sense. No living creature on the planet ever naturally consumes chlorinated water. Research from Dr Joseph Price conclusively demonstrates a link between consuming chlorinated water and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Chlorinated water has also been shown to increase risk of bladder and colon cancers. A simple chlorine removing filter will cost you pennies a gallon and is well worth it. For more on this

 Try to use your body in the way it was designed. Use common sense when balancing health basics that include regular moderate exercise, eating whole, minimally processed foods and drinking pure water. In addition always remember to find reasons to laugh.

Laughter is proven to boost immunity, increase your body’s natural feel-good chemicals, is fun and free!. You’re never too old to laugh, exercise or eat and drink healthy. Remember, health is the balanced natural state of all living things rich and poor, young and old…even us. With a little thought, you can become your own health expert. Go for it!

 It’s pretty simple really, there are three keys to staying healthy. When it comes to your body always remember: no one is more qualified than you to be your own expert.