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Staying Healthy This Winter

How To Stay Healthy, Avoid the Flu and What to Do If the Flu Gets You

               Sunshine Natural Foods Winter Wellness Strategies*

 This year an ounce of prevention may be worth far more than a pound of cure. Far and away the best way to beat the flu is to avoid it entirely. Just like cold viruses, flu viruses enter your body through the mucous membranes of your nose, eyes or mouth. Almost all cases of colds and flus are caused by viruses. Antibiotics are completely ineffective against viral infections. Despite this, doctors amazingly treat 60% of colds and flus with antibiotics.

 STAYING HEALTHY Sunshine is well stocked with everything your family needs to stay healthy

 HEALTHY DAILY BASICS such as a high quality multivitamin, moderate physical activity, fresh air, adequate rest and relaxation provide your body with a balanced solid framework from which to work.

PROBIOTICS: Daily use of high quality probiotics (beneficial bacteria) like Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is one of the most effective steps you can take to maintain optimum health. This is especially true after using anti-biotics.  Learn more

 ASAP COLLOIDAL SILVER TOPICAL GEL: Frequent hand washing and ASAP Topical Gel on your hands and nostrils are 2 of the simplest ways to avoid internal exposure to disease causing pathogens. ASAP provides 4 hours of safe and effective protection from most viruses and bacterium. Use it at home and the office.    Order online

 ASTRAGALUS: If you tend to get every bug that goes around you can build up your resistance by using the time tested Chinese herb Astragalus on a daily basis. It is slightly warming and an all-around strengthener making it great during the winter months. Astragalus has been the #1 immune enhancing herb in Chinese medicine for centuries. It is energizing and beneficial for the liver as well. Many people actually feel its strengthening qualities the very first day. Taking Astragalus daily is the one of the simplest and most economical ways to increase resistance to all diseases. Since Astragalus is slightly warming, it should not be used if a fever is present.    Order online

 WELLNESS FORMULA is America’s top selling immune formula. It was the first product available that combined the immune enhancing vitamins along with 20 immune building herbs. It can be taken two-a-day as a daily preventative throughout the winter and increased to 3 every 3 hours during illnesses.          Order online

 CHILDRENS IMMUNE CHEWABLE is a powerful comprehensive immune enhancing blend in a kid-friendly, raspberry flavor .    Order online

 INFLUENZINUM 9C FLU SHOT ALTERNATIVE is basically a homeopathic version of the flu shot. Just like the flu shot it is re-formulated every year based on research done at the Pasteur Institute in France. Every year it targets 4 flu strains that are predicted to be major threats. After 10 years of European testing homeopathic pills proved to be more effective and far safer than traditional flu shots. One dose a week for 5 weeks was the way this product was tested and is the most effective way to use it. This is the 10th year Sunshine has distributed this amazing formula and 1000’s of our satisfied customers continue to demand it.   Order online 

 CELLFOOD: If our body’s ph becomes just a little too acidic we become a welcome host to all diseases including colds and flus. Proper rest and diet along with fresh air and moderate exercise help maintain an alkaline state. Avoiding excess sugar and alcohol is very helpful here. CellFood is very alkalizing, is the number one oxygen enhancing supplement in the world and has proven anti-viral qualities. Cellfood is energizing and great for year-round everyday use and especially during flu season. Sunshine is the only store in the area featuring the full line of CellFood products.   Order online


 COMMON FLU SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: Flu symptoms usually come on very suddenly. They usually include headache, body aches, the abrupt onset of fever (usually high), extreme fatigue, dry cough, possible runny nose and general weakness. Swine flu symptoms are nearly identical but more often include diarrhea and vomiting as well.

 COLD SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: A cold is a milder respiratory illness than the flu. It usually begins with a sore throat and a runny or stuffy nose. Unlike the flu, colds seldom cause a fever over 101. Colds usually cause copious watery nasal secretions the 1st few days. Often these usually turn darker and thicker. Colds usually last about a week.

 The sudden onset of symptoms as well as high fever are the 2 biggest differences between flu and cold symptomology.

 TREATING FLU SYMPTOMS: Because flu symptoms hit so suddenly, protect yourself by having flu remedies at home and work so you can begin treatment immediately at the very onset of symptoms when it will provide the most benefit. Drink plenty of water to replace fluids lost from sweating. If you live alone, notify someone who can periodically check in with you.

 ELDERBERRY: When taken at the first signs of flu Elderberry is one of the most effective herbs available for reducing the severity and duration of flu symptoms. During a recent flu outbreak in Israel Elderberry created dramatic improvements in virtually all symptoms. In the first day 20% felt relief and by day three 90% of the treated group showed improvements compared to only 16% of the untreated group who took nearly a week to improve. Sunshine has 6 different Elderberry preparations from which to choose.   Order online

 OSCILLOCOCCINUM is the number one homeopathic medicine in the U.S. It is used for treating flu by millions of people in over 50 countries and recommended by doctors worldwide. Oscillo works best when taken at the very first signs of flu. Make sure you have some on hand to fend off symptoms at their onset.   Order online

 SILVERBIOTICS BRAND COLLOIDAL SILVER (Patented Silver Sol Process): Silver Sol provides proven treatment against viral and bacterial infections. There is little else with such broad spectrum benefit. Studies have shown that 75% of deaths related to flu are actually caused by secondary bacterial infections like pneumonia. Anti-viral flu treatments will have no effect on bacterial complications. Silver Sol alone is very effective against bacterial infections. The combination of Silver Sol with antibiotics has been shown to enhance antibiotic function as much as 10 fold. Silver Sol does not create antibiotic resistant “super germs” and has been shown to be safe for daily use. Silverbiotics Brand Patented Silver Sol is available in gel form for topical use on hands and nostrils as well as liquid for safe internal use. For treating sinus infections Silverbiotics can be used in a refillable vertical pump spray also available at Sunshine.   Order online

 TREATING COLD SYMPTOMS: Almost all cases of colds, like flus are caused by viruses. Antibiotics are completely ineffective against viruses.

 ELDERBERRY: The antiviral qualities that make Elderberry so effective against flu viruses make it equally appropriate for treating colds.   Order online

 YIN CHAIO (CHOW) CLASSIC is an ancient Chinese cold remedy that is best takenat the first signs of a cold. The diaphoretic herbs in Yin Chiao help move stagnant energy and pathogens up and out before they have a chance to find a home deeper in the body. For some, Yin Chaio provides almost immediate relief.    Order online

 WELLNESS FIZZ is a new and especially fast-acting version of Yin Chaio with theadded cold fighting benefits of elderberry, zinc and vitamin C.    Order online

 SINUCARE: This unique combination of eucalyptus and myrtle oils in capsule form provides soothing effective relieve for sinus congestion. Order online now  

 CLEAR LUNGS: The Red Label Clear Lungs is a national best seller that reduces bronchial congestion and restores normal lung function. Great for seasonal discomforts or chronic conditions.  Order online 

CLEAR LUNGS Blue Label extra strength is especially effective for treating congestion due to colds or flus.  Order online

Both Red and Blue are Sunshine best sellers with hundreds of extremely satisfied customers.

 PEACEFUL MOUNTAIN NASAL RESCUE is an ionic silver nasal spray that effectively kills bacteria and viruses in the sinuses.    Order online

 PEACEFUL MOUNTAIN THROAT RESCUE is an ionic silver throat spray with soothing peppermint oil that has been proven effective against staff and strep bacteria.       Order online

 SLIPPERY ELM LOZENGES WITH EUCALYPTUS AND ZINC: Research has shown supplementing with zinc can reduce the duration and severity of a cold. Slippery elm relieves sore throat symptoms immediately and eucalyptus helps clear nasal passages.   Order online

MENTHOLATED COUGH DROPS WITH SLIPPERY ELM: Non-narcotic cough suppressent for temporay relief of mild throat irritation.   Order online

ELDERBERRY ZINC LOZENGES:The proven immune inhancing qualities of zinc and elderberry    Order online

BREATH EASY TEA from Traditional Medicinals is an economical and effective way to treat stuffy nose and sinuses.   Order online

COLD CARE PM from Traditional Medicinals promotes relaxed night time breathing for a good night’s sleep   Order online

 THROAT COAT TEA from Traditional Medicinals is an economical and effective way to soothe sore throats. It provides almost immediate relief.   Order online

 HERBATUSSIN TEA from Traditional Medicinals is an economical and effective way to treat coughs and sore throats providing almost immediate relief. Provides hours of relief.       Order online

 HERBATUSSIN COUGH SYRUP is extremely effective even on deep stubborn coughs. Many people report it’s more effective than prescription remedies. Maximum strength, provides immediate relief that lasts for hours.    Order online

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* These strategies should not be substituted for advice from a qualified health care professional.